Yes, that's me in the picture, on the left, holding the Melbourne Cup won by Subzero in 1992.

I'm a self confessed Melbourne Cup nut. Each year I make it my mission to collect as much information, as is necessary, to make an informed 'guess' when someone asks "What'll win the Cup mate?"

And, via this weblog, I'm now able to share with you the Melbourne Cup information I collect from all around the world.

I have two systems I've written about in my annual A Mug's Guide to the Melbourne Cup. (see on web page And they have helped me 12 out of the last 19 and six out of the last 8 winners.

If you'd like to make a comment about any of the postings, or if you have a Melbourne Cup story you'd like to share, please feel free to do so.

BTW...In my 'real life' I'm in the Hospitality Industry. I've written a number of books and do a lot of speaking around the world specifically about hospitality marketing.

May I invite you to check out and (you'll find a Hangover Hints books at this second site. And we might need this after we celebrate selecting the winner of the 2006 Melbourne Cup!) :):) :)

Good luck, good life and good fun
Max Hitchins